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What can we offer you? Individuality!

We aim to provide you with online marketing solutions which enable you to contact your target group directly. This can be done actively (e.g. by personalised e-Mails) or passively (in the form of subject-related portals and through niche web sites). An important issue for us is to address only those parties with a potential interest. In other words, recipients should have an underlying, basic interest right from the start.

In plain English: what is the point in sending the most brilliant offers for pet food to people who don't have any pets? Why try to interest people with perfect eyesight in glasses or contact lenses?

This is precisely where our services come in. We look for ways in which our clients can present their products and services to the appropriate group of recipients in an optimum manner, thus generating the greatest level of interest and the associated marketing success.

Individuelle Marketing Lösungen Individuelle Marketing Lösungen

We provide the following online marketing services

E-Mail marketing

E-Mail marketing is still one of the most popular and purposeful methods used in direct marketing. As the target groups have already been selected in advance and the parties identified as having a potential interest are addressed directly, you receive the highest level of attention in the environment relevant to the subject. Even complex information can be distributed by e-Mail and recipients are reached regardless of their current end devices (stationary PC or mobile device).
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Lead generation

The aim of lead generation is to create consumer interest or inquiries into certain products or services. The areas of application are many and varied. Leads can come from an interest shown in a certain offer, for example, or from subscriptions to a newsletter. The important factor is that potential customers actively demonstrate an interest and agree that their data can be circulated. All framework conditions and requirements are discussed in detail when planning the campaign.
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Native advertising
Native advertising

Native advertising enables you to address your target group directly by means of an editorial piece placed in an environment related to the topic. Your information on services or product recommendations are integrated into the actual content of the page in question, so that readers perceive this as being part of the content itself. However, care should be taken when placing such so-called advertorials; they should not immediately stand out as being a crude attempt at advertising. We can advise you and let you know which options are available.
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Niche portals

So-called niche portals are Internet sites dedicated to a particular topic. Concentrating on a certain subject means that the target group is more or less automatically defined right from the start. As an advertiser, such vehicles allow you to make direct contact with potential customers by means of traditional advertising, content marketing or individual forms of promotion. We are happy to tell you about the portals we currently operate in a one-on-one conversation and the opportunities that these present.
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Performance Marketing
Performance marketing

The emphasis in performance marketing is on success. This and the associated results of the campaigns can be gauged by a variety of measurement variables (number of readers, leads, sales and many more). This form of promotion is especially beneficial for you, as an advertiser, because you only pay for tangible results. That is not only fair, but is also extra motivation for us as an agency to achieve the best possible outcome.
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