Lead generation

We expand your pool of leads

The targeted generation of leads is one of the most effective tools available in active direct marketing. Potential customers are identified who have shown an active interest in one of your products, services or even in your newsletter.

Lead generation is especially suitable for:
  • Expanding newsletter distribution lists

  • Acquiring potential new customers for certain products or services

The benefits of lead generation for you as a customer/advertiser:
  • 100% hits of those interested in your field

  • Direct addressing and reference

  • You only pay for each lead with a genuine interest

  • Great legal certainty when generating data records

  • The level of detail is tailored to your requirements

You determine the scope

You determine not only the volume of data to be generated but also the required data depth. The range extends from generating pure e-Mail addresses through to complete data records including postal addresses. You can furthermore choose between simple check box questions for the reader to activate or pose more complex questions, which provide personal contact data for you along with other details and affinities. Finance, healthcare, leisure time, travel, lifestyle and shopping are just a few of the possible areas of application used by clients to generate individual leads to be followed-up by a direct address at a later date.

Data delivered down numerous paths

We offer several ways for you to receive the generated data. For example, they can be downloaded once per week via a secure connection as a CSV file, or you can also link directly to your own API via a live interface. Get in touch with us – we are happy to provide solutions tailored to your technical infrastructure.

Interested in the targeted generation of leads?

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