Native Advertising

The decent form of subject-related advertising
Native Advertising

The days of crude Internet advertising with banners in the content or down the sides of the page are long gone. In the meantime, readers have learned to "ignore" this kind of advertising or even block it out altogether with tools, add-ons and browser plug-ins (e.g. adBlock Plus). Even Google makes an effort not to overdo things when it comes to advertising. Penalties and fines have been imposed in the past for too much advertising.

So how can advertising be placed nowadays in a targeted manner and attract attention? We offer an attractive form of direct marketing with our e-Mail marketing service. In addition, and after prior consultation and quality assurance, we can also provide you with native advertising in our own network and through our own portals.

What is native advertising?

Native advertising integrates advertising articles and elements in a web site itself, so that readers take these to be an inherent component of the page and regard such as added value. Another term often used for such promotion is advertorials. We are careful not to misuse this very elegant form of advertising so as not to frustrate readers. We intend to give visitors the feeling that such advertorials really are added value content, which is of relevance to them.

Talk to us and we will help you to find ways to repackage your advertisements and place them as native advertising. A common mistake is to book some campaign or another without detailed planning; your company then runs the risk of damaging its reputation and being accused of operating "camouflaged" advertising. Careful consideration needs to be given to where and when a native advertising campaign makes sense. Conscientious planning is the key to success and safeguards against negative consequences.

More about native advertising

Would you like to find out more about native advertising? As reading material, we can recommend the current Wikipedia article and the German articles "List of the most common misconceptions about native advertising" und the "Five most successful examples of native advertising".

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