E-Mail marketing

The ideal vehicle for addressing your target group directly

by means of targeted e-Mail campaigns. There is hardly any other medium which enables you to get in contact with potential customers in such a purposeful manner.

Some of the benefits of e-Mail marketing are:
  • Depiction of precise target groups

  • Success is accurately gauged

  • Rapid implementation and reaction

  • Targeted follow-up campaigns can be launched

We are happy to advise you with regard to the correct target group for you and to make you an appropriate offer. All you require is a suitable newsletter template as a promotional vehicle and your campaign can be launched. On request, we can naturally assist you in creating the relevant e-Mail templates.

Depiction of precise target groups

We enable you to address a precisely defined target group from our own pool of leads and by drawing on a network of high quality partners. You decide whether your advertising campaign should address a specific target group (e.g. "women in Germany between 20 and 40 who are interested in fashion" or "senior citizens who like travelling) or the rank and file. The selection of possible target groups or a decision to address a broad public primarily depends on your products and services. We are happy to contribute our experience to the campaign planning in order to achieve the optimum level of success for you.

We gauge the success of your campaign

As e-Mail campaigns can be evaluated with great accuracy, you receive initial feedback on the results almost as soon as the e-Mails have been sent. A few days later we then submit a detailed concluding report informing you of the total numbers of readers, openers and clickers. This also allows you to find out which link in your advertising vehicle was clicked on the most and thus generated the greatest level of interest. How else could you obtain such figures on the success of your marketing action so quickly? Apart from the figures that we compile in the course of the mailing campaign, you will naturally see what has been accomplished at first hand on your Internet platform or in your online shop.

Fast, faster, e-Mail

Whilst traditional offline campaigns often require long run-up periods, printing phases and dispatch times, online marketing enables you to hit the ground running. E-Mail marketing is likewise quick to implement and is therefore suitable for both marketing action at short notice and for campaigns tied to set dates. If time is not of the essence, however, it is always recommendable to allow a certain amount of preparation time for any correction phases that may be required and possibly also A/B testing in your campaign.

Follow-up your initial campaign

There are a number of further opportunities open to you once your e-Mail campaign has been concluded. You could follow-up your initial campaign, for example, by purposefully re-addressing active readers and prompting them to buy through special offers. It is likewise possible to write to all the recipients again who have not opened or read your campaign mails to date. Another option is to address a completely new target group.

Interested in our e-Mail marketing services?

We are happy to advise you with regard to the correct target group for you and the ways we can address this by e-Mail.
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